What is Stock Photography?

"Stock Photography" is a photo library where images are stored and can be borrowed for a licensing fee. Images are not sold outright, however they can be licensed for a variety of uses. These uses might include advertising, editorial, brochures, calendars, posters, web sites, magazines, tv, etc. Stock photography saves time over assignment photography because it is available immediately, is cost effective, and is risk free to the buyer.

At this time, I license 'Rights Protected' or 'Rights Managed,' NOT royalty-free images. There are no flat fees. Fees depend on usage, and the usage must be clearly defined. Rights to use each image are 'managed' on a continuing basis.

How Much Is It?

The smaller the scope of the project, the smaller the fee. Prices are based on verifiable information that you provide. This information would include the size of the image within a project, placement of the image (inside or cover), geographic distribution, circulation of publication, length of time the image will be displayed, and the rights you want to purchase. For example, for web or another electronic medium, would your usage be personal, editorial or commercial? Would the image be on a primary or secondary page? What would the size of your image be (1/4 or 1/2 screen, full screen, background)? How long will you use it (6 months, one or two years)? I do give discounts for multiple images and multiple uses.

Before Requesting An Image - PLEASE NOTE:

1. I do not license images for free, with the possible exception of usage for educational purposes (see "exceptions" below).

2. Please don’t ask for the use of a photo in exchange solely for credit or a link back to my web site.

3. Please don’t ask how much a photo is without first providing all the details on intended use.

4. The images found on this site are available free to designers or ad agencies for comp and layout purposes "only".


  • Personal use for educational matters such as school reports and class projects will probably be granted, but I will still need to have all the details of usage (school, project, time limits, etc.).
  • I am willing to barter images for products or services at my discretion.

If you have any other questions, please contact me directly.
Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)


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